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Lake Remote Features

Many features found in Lake Controller have been brought into Lake Remote app for iPad.

These include:

  • Intuitive app operation – existing Lake Controller workflow maintained.
  • Simultaneous Lake Remote and Lake Controller operation
  • Input Mute Groups
  • Home Screen Output Mute Control & Overview
  • Global Controls with passkey validation
  • Show Mode
  • Control of Levels – Gain, Delay, LimiterMAX RMS & Peak thresholds
  • Several Meter Displays
  • Fast Auto-Discovery of Frames on the network
  • Offline Demo Frames

Plus more options

Unique features not available in Lake Controller – but found in Lake Remote

  • Input Router Mute Groups (x4) – the ability to assign any input router mutes to a dedicated button – this allows a mute toggle for input source “switching” such as switching between consoles at festivals.
  • Global Parameter Controls – the ability to send global parameter changes to all frames or filtered by frame type in one button press. Choose from a combination of mutes, polarity, gain, delay values. Simple and quick!
  • Home Screen Output Mutes – Ever needed to mute just one output without going into the modules levels page? – Well now you can! Output Mute function direct on the module icon on the home screen.

Fast Discovery, Control & Continual Refresh

Devices are automatically discovered on the network and added to Lake Remote control surface. Fast control of key functions in real-time over WiFi.

Continual updating and refresh of functions, parameters. meting, controls and device information over the network ensures that multiple users can operate the system in conjunction with Lake Remote and Lake Controller.


Features not available for control – Restrictions

Due to the restrictions in place in Lake/PLM 3rd Party control there is no control interface for the following (and therefore we are unable to control these functions via iPad)

  • Display & Control of Groups
  • Super Modules
  • Equalization – both PEQ and GEQ

We are unable to help in these functions at present and Lake Remote should be used in-conjunction with Lake Controller if you require control of the unavailable features.